Stella Crest


Stella Crest is the culmination of years spent writing music, touring, and migrating from a California youth to adulthood in the Pacific Northwest. Conceived by singer/guitarist Evan Ferro (Bright Light Fever, Roman Funerals, By Sunlight), Stella Crest's music reflects the influence of family, loss, and perpetual transition.

It's also a collaboration among friends, as Ferro recruited musicians he's known for more than a decade. With drummer Vinny LaRiza (Roman Funerals, The Provisionals, Oceanography), bassist Jack Clemens (By Sunlight, Noonmoon, BAIXA), and keyboardist Mike Sparks (By Sunlight, Noonmoon, Mister Metaphor), he formed a band that's confident in its abilities and comfortable in its skin.

Stella Crest's songs build on Ferro's distinctive guitar parts and expand outward with glistening harmonies, soaring vocals, and hooky rhythms. Artfully combining elegance, grit, musicianship, and personal narrative, these are rock songs that look for light in the darkness.